Are You a Gourmet Traveler?

Since I’ve just written a post about the best places to eat in Venice, I’m coming with another related subject: gourmet travelers. Gourmet travelers love the food. They are constantly on the road checking out the best of the best. If you know one, you will find about the places visited from the postcards sent. Below are some memorable places and just a little taste of what represents them best.

France. France is a synonym for exceptional culinary arts and famous chefs. The French kept and refined the best from all culinary influences of the last 2000 years. Today France offers a state-of-the art cuisine.

Italy. Just for info, Italy is the true promise of Mediterranean food with regional differences: pasta, penne, polenta, prosciutto, parmigiano and pecorino, rigatoni, risotto, vitello and scaloppine. You will love it.

Singapore. Since Singapore fights for the title of the Food Capital of Asia, you might want to visit at least the Singapore Food Festival, one of Asia's foremost gastronomic events.

Thailand. The Thai cuisine is actually four regional cuisines of the four main regions of the country: Northern, Northeastern, Central and Southern. Thai food is mainly based on the use of fresh herbs and spices, and the way to chose individual dishes, accompanied by rice. The various dishes try to find a balance of the five fundamental flavors in each dish or the overall meal: spicy, sour, sweet, salty and bitter.

Caribbean. The Caribbean cuisine is based on cooking cultures of Caribbean Indians, African hunters, European sailors, and Indian and Chinese merchants. Caribbean food consists basically in fish or meat flavored with hot pepper, lime, curry and other spices served with rice.

Peru. Peru is definitely a culinary hot spot. You should try traditional Peruvian cooking, which is a mix of Spanish and native Indian food. Highlight of Peru's Nouveau Cuisine is Novandina, based on Incan ingredients.

Malaysia. The food in Penag is widely regarded as the best in Malaysia. George Town the capital city of Penang is known as the culinary capital of Malaysia.


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