Café Atlantico by Cesaria Evora

Cesaria Evora, the native of the island of Cape Verde, is known worldwide as the countries’ foremost practitioner of the morna style. Café Atlantico, released in 1999, is a tribute to Evora’s hometown of Mindelo, which is a port on the Cape Verdean Island where sailors from Portugal, Argentina, Brazil and the Caribbean cross-pollinated the music of the island. In other words, this album is an ambitious musical experience where traditional cape-verdean and afro-cuban rhythms are successfully blended.

Evora's singing is a true gift, luckily very appreciated around the globe. Starting with the very first sounds, this album is all soul, all Cesaria. There are moments for dancing as well as moments for contemplating, moments done with a perfect taste. The musicians surrounding Cesaria on this CD are completely in tune with her and represent a great add to the overall success of the music. Atlantic Paradise is one of the best tracks, revealing the most her tone, mood and style.


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