Sharing your Honda story

If you are asking yourself what this is all about, let me give you some details. This year, Honda will release a series of mini documentaries which will allow their customers to highlight the personal experiences of Honda products either for fun or as a necessary part of their daily livelihood. So, even if you are using cars, ATVs, motorbikes or boats in the way they were supposed to be used, or you are using the Honda products in some unique ways, all you have to do is to share your own story and you might see it on TV.

A first example of such short films created by W+K for Channel 4 features the farmer Philippa who uses her Honda ATV to tend to the alpacas on her farm. A pioneer in her field, Philippa has been breeding beautiful and award-winning alpacas for some years. With acres of land to cover every day, Philippa’s Honda is an indispensable member of the farm. All short films will feature owners of Honda vehicles who are using them, let's say, in more unusual ways, not only for the regular shopping or just for a walk to the mall.

The mentioned campaign will be accompanied by Facebook and Twitter in all its phases, engaging users and linking to the online hub at where the documentaries, other films, interesting stories or articles will be also available. The 'Take Part' section shouldn't be missed, as there you can upload stories and photographs if you are a Honda owner. You can share also the unusual ways in which you use the Honda products. In the end, the favourite story will be turned into the final documentary which will be turned into idents for TV.

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Where to go for shopping in Salzburg

Salzburg is a city of culture and music, which is reflected in the architecture, in the monuments and in the daily life. It is the capital of the federal state Salzburg, being the 4th biggest city in Austria after Vienna, Graz and Linz. If you still don´t have any idea where to spend your next holiday, you can maybe get some useful information about Salzburg - the city of Mozart.

Salzburg's old part of the city is a unique shopping experience. With over 800 shops and boutiques of all different styles you will definitely find something special for your family or friends. Whether jewelry, hand- made souvenirs, designer clothes, usual fashion, books and discs about Mozart - the selection is really huge along in the pretty, narrow streets and charming places in Salzburg´s city centre. Not only the residents of the city, but also the many guests from abroad enjoy the old "shopping centre".

The "Getreidegasse" with its world famous products, shops and popular designer, this street is a highlight in Salzburg. There is also the birthplace of Mozart to find, where worshippers of the big artist Mozart can visit the world- know museum and can find all kind of souvenirs eg CDs with music of Mozart, books about Mozart, T-shirts, notepads, posters, postcards and coins with the famous family portrait. Mozart souvenirs can also be found in almost all souvenir shops in the city. The Getreidegasse is the most famous shopping street of the city. After all the shopping you can have a nice and substantial meal in the numerous restaurants and beer garden. You should also not miss to try the tasteful beer and wine of Salzburg.

Typical clothes of Austria are of course the leather clothing, the so called "Trachtenkleidung", which has a long tradition in Salzburg. But the most famous sweet souvenir of Salzburg are the "Original Salzburger Mozartkugel" which you shouldn´t miss.