Wearing Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one type of glasses that have gained the maximum popularity amongst people of all ages and gender. Very simply, sunglasses are glasses with a tinted or dark lens that limits the amount of bright light entering the eye. Interestingly, the concept of sunglasses is not a modern idea. The Roman emperor Nero is reported to have used an emerald out which he would watch the gladiators. In China in the 12th century, flat pieces of quartz were used to look through, not to improve vision, but to protect the eye from bright sunlight.

Health practitioners agree that the eyes need to be protected from harsh sunlight, bright light and harmful radiation like UV rays. The best way to do this is to use some sort of protection when outdoors. This protection can be got from using caps and hats, veils and sunglasses.

However as comfortable as sunglasses maybe, they pose a problem for those having eye wear for correcting vision. These people find it difficult to alternate between 2 pairs of glasses not only because it is impractical, but also because they may not have sunglasses that are prescription glasses. With advanced technology however, this problem now has a solution: today a person doesn't have to alternate between pairs of glasses, sunglasses for wearing over spectacles being also available.

There are several options today for combining prescription glasses with sunglasses. One is get sunglasses fitted with a prescription so that even on wearing them the eyes get help with seeing. Another option is to get specialized sunglasses. These are specially designed so that they fit over your existing prescription glasses.


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