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Play 4 Park Inn

Imagine how it would be to win a vacation in a comfortable and modern hotel located near the sandy beach in an exceptional environment with palm trees and greenery on Djerba island. This is possible if you enter the Radisson – Park Inn competition which is running weekly until the 18th of December 2010. There are great prizes, on a weekly basis two winners receiving an iPad and a £250 voucher for Park Inn Hotels, which can be used at over 200 hotels in 16 countries at the restaurant, bar, or simply on the room. Moreover, each participant will be entered into the final draw for one week's stay at Park Inn Manchester, Park Inn Berlin, or Park Inn Ulysse Resort (in Djerba, Tunisia) plus a £300 giftcard.

All you have to do in order to enter the competition is to play online this fun game of 4 in a row. Every time you play the game, no matter if you win or loose, you log in an entry to the competition. The general idea is to try your best at beating the hotel manager at his own game and be in with a chance of winning the mentioned really cool prizes. But in order to be eligible as a participant you have to be at least 18 years old at the time of entering the competition, and to be a resident of the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria or Switzerland.  

The Play 4 Park Inn competition is open from November 18, 2010 until December 18, 2010 as already mentioned. The 7 nights accommodation prize is for two persons and has to be materialized until the end of 2011.

If it is for me to win the big prize I would definitely prefer the vacation in Tunisia. Why? Because Djerba it is not just an ordinary island, it is like a little world of its own. Although a fairly big island, it is also so compressed that the laziest travellers can cover most of it. On the island, there are many villages with almost no towns, each village telling its own story. In conclusion, Djerba is smooth, sometimes startling, and just as charming as enthusiastic Tunisians tell you it is. Hope I transferred you even a small part of my enthusiasm about this place, since it is truly a dream destination for me.

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