Becoming a True Dad

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A wile ago I wrote about a book titled Raising a Father, a book about a father who realized, at the edge of 37, that he did not know his daughter at all. At that time I didn’t knew much about the book or the author himself, but since I grew up with no father figure in my entire life, perhaps this is the reason for which I found it very touching.

Raising a Father tells the story of Raka, the daughter of Sen, who used all her charm, love and caring nature to teach her father how to be a better dad, and in the end a better person. On the other hand, Sen is a corporate employee who learned at a point in his life, that he is loosing his father-daughter future. As a result, he promptly quit his highly successful career in the corporate world in order to start a home-based marketing consulting company in Denver, named his daughter as manager, and began the journey of becoming a true father. After that he learned how to measure the real success: by having a strong relationship with his daughter.

This book will teach every man that success depends on spending more time with the loved ones, on being there for every special moment and on surrounding them with love, encouragement, tolerance, acceptance, approval, recognition, kindness or security. For the rest of you out there who would love to become the best fathers they can be, watch the following video or grab your copy of this precious book.

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