Best Restaurants in Venice

Venice, although a very beautiful city, isn’t known for its good places to eat. In fact, Venice is more known for the exact opposite: it is one of those cities that most tourists complain about high prices and mediocre food. But since not all the places to eat in Venice serve bad food, below I’ve listed some restaurants that worth to be mentioned when it comes to good places to eat in Venice.

Osteria ai Promessi Sposi [location: Cannaregio 4367 on Calle dell’Oca]. Here you will find excellent selection of typical Venetian plates.
Do Mori [location: San Polo 429 on Calle dei do Mori, near Rialto Market]. It is said to be Venice’s oldest bar, serving typical Venetian food.
Osteria al Portego [location: Castello 6015 on Calle della Malvasia]. Here you can eat typical Venetian tapas, but also regular plates.
Enoteca al Volto [location: San Marco 4081 on Calle Cavalli, closed on Sundays].
Vino Vino [location: San Marco 2007 on Ponte delle Veste near La Fenice]. It is a very small place, but with good prices on both first and second courses.
Trattoria da Bepi [location: Cannaregio 337 on Ponte delle Guglie]. It is a family restaurant, offering the possibility to seat outside near the canal. Attention: it is closed on Mondays.
Devil’s Forest Pub [location: San Marco 5185 on Calle dei Stagneri off Campo San Bartolomeo]. Here you will find a British pub atmosphere with English & Irish beer on tap.
Osteria “Alla Botte” Cicchetteria [location: San Marco 5482 on Calle della Bissa]. It is another place where you can eat typical plates.
Osteria da Alberto [location: Cannaregio 5401 on Calle Giacinto Gallina].
Antica Osteria Ruga Rialto [location: San Polo 692 on Calle del Sturion]. It is mostly a bar, but you can serve also some typical Venetian food.


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