Ebuzzing launched in the UK

As I mentioned before on my blog, one of the most popular and profitable ways to generate additional income from your blog is to publish sponsored posts. To this end, I have some good news for the bloggers searching to be paid for posting their opinions and reviews: ebuzzing is already launched in the UK.

And to be more specific, ebuzzing is a platform that connects the advertisers who are ready to pay for promoting their products or services with the bloggers anxious to get paid in order to write articles for promoting products they actually like. As a blogger searching for more options for monetisation, you will have the chance to participate in some amazing and fun campaigns and get paid for it. You have different options to make money using this platform: video campaigns with a dedicated player, video campaigns using “syndicated players” and banners, articles written about brands and services that you want to recommend to your readers.

In order to know what to expect from ebuzzing, here are some of the past campaigns completed in France: Axe, MasterCard, Alsa, Toyota, Chupa Chups, Electronic Arts, Lancaster, Ubisoft, Diesel, eBay, Coca Cola, Canon, Warner Bros, Seiko or Philips. Mention to be made here that ebuzzing requires the presence of the disclaimer “sponsored post” for all articles published and for the videos, the name of the advertiser which must be placed in order to be visible to all viewers.

In conclusion, ebuzzing is a very good way to make money by monetizing your blog thanks to video postings and content creation. All you have to do now is to register on ebuzzing.com, reserve some opportunities, publish the articles on your blog and earn some money…

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