A Golf Experience in Aquitaine

Whether you want to play a round or two of golf on your holiday, or you want to stay in an area recommended for a golfing holiday, Aquitaine is the right place. Even thought France may not be the obvious choice of destination for a golfing holiday, like Spain, Portugal, Ireland or Scotland, it worth to be tried.

However, golf is a boom sport in France and has been for more than 10 years from now. Thankfully, it hasn’t picked up the snooty side of the game prevalent in some UK and US clubs, in France the game being treated much more informally. In fact, you probably didn’t know that golf in France started in Aquitaine. And more, the golf in continental Europe started in Aquitaine. The Pau Golf Club (founded 1856) was the first course built in Europe outside of the British Isles. Seven of Aquitaine more than 40 courses, date back to pre-war times.

Not only does Aquitaine have a rich heritage of golf, the pedigree is very high, with clusters of great golf courses around the Biarritz and Bordeaux areas in particular. You’ll also enjoy lower prices and fewer crowds than the South of France golf courses.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a memorable golf holiday, or you’re simply looking to sneak a couple of rounds in whilst on a family holiday, then Aquitaine is an excellent choice.


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