Nightlife in Athens

It is said that the nightlife of Athens rivals with that of New York, London and Paris and maybe surpass those cities. Even though the recent events may question seriously your decision of visiting or not this city, one thing is for certain: you won't find more restaurants, bars, and clubs in a smaller area than you will in Athens with the majority of the nightlife being in central areas. Below I will select some of the best locations in this city in order to have them in mind when you are looking for dance clubs, live Greek music, or bars & lounges.

Akrotiri. A summer spent in Athens is not complete without a visit to this club located on the coast. Here, the cosmopolitan ambience and the pulsing music, bring clubbing to a whole other level.
Ammos Beach. This well-known summer spot is situated directly on the water and hosts dance parties with DJs from all over the world.
Island. Just as the name suggests, breezy island surroundings and exceptional sea views offer a laid-back atmosphere. But as the night goes, the lounge tunes make way for beats on which you will dance all night long.
Venue. One of the leading dance clubs in Athens boasting three dance floors and a calendar of exclusive dance parties.

Ammos. Here you can find a great mix of modern, mainstream and more established Greek music.
Athinion Arena. Here, the live Greek music program is more like a Vegas show, featuring dancers and acrobats. A unique twist to the average bouzouki night.
Thea. This live show features some young Greek singers that are sure to lighten up the mood and get you on the dance floor.
Mostrou. In other words, traditional Greek music presented in a tavern-style atmosphere in the heart of Athens.

Balthazar. This lounge is a tropical paradise in the centre of Athens with breezy décor and posh clientele. It is definitely a place to see and be seen.
Baraonda. It is an exclusive outdoor bar and restaurant offering great cuisine and a swanky garden atmosphere that attracts a fashionably cool crowd.
Istioploikos. A well-known café-bar overlooking the port of Mikrolimano provides a laid-back atmosphere to enjoy drinks with your friends.
Soul. This eclectic bar is separated into three areas whit different DJs and it is sure it will please a wide range of musical preferences.


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