Scuba Diving Destinations

Scuba diving is an excellent way to see some beautiful sites. The tropical coral diving sites with their colorful sea life are the most famous, but other attractions can be mentioned here including rocky reefs, shipwrecks, caverns or caves. Let’s find out together some of the major dive destinations in the world:

The Island of Cozumel, Mexico. The island is surrounded by gorgeous reefs and pristine clear water; perfect for scuba diving. On a good day visibility can be up to 200 feet. Gentle currents running parallel to the reef are a drift diver's dream. There are 19 popular scuba diving reef areas, including dramatic swim-through teeming with marine life. Cozumel is a friendly place for the foreign tourists, having affordable accommodation and buzzing night life. Cave divers will enjoy a trip to the mainland to scuba dive the cenotes (freshwater caves).

Seven Brothers Islands, Djibouti. Djibouti has a unique ecosystem where the mix of the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean results in an abundance of marine life. Between the months of September and January, Djibouti is home to resting migrating whale sharks. It is common to see many whale sharks, including juveniles, which tend to stay close to the coast during their visit. Seven Brothers Islands is the major attraction to Djibouti waters. This breathtaking reef system comprises of seven islands covering a vast area. Monumental drop-offs with stunning soft corals carpeting the walls, schooling fish and big pelagic can all be expected.

Fiji Islands, South Pacific. Fiji offers an incredible scuba diving experience. It is the "Soft Coral Capital of the World", the home of the "Great White Wall", the "Yellow Tunnel" and other famous underwater beautiful places. Scuba diving conditions and visibility are unrivalled all over the year. Because of its clear water and dazzling coral, Fiji is a favorite hangout for professional underwater photographers.

Heron Island, Australia. Heron Island is literally a coral island rising above the famous Great Barrier Reef. With excellent scuba diving places, just a few steps from the shore, you can strap on a snorkel and stay under 20 feet for hours. Heron is a quiet island, devoid of industry or day trippers, which is ideal for the scuba diver who wants to bask in a relaxed casual lifestyle during surface intervals.

Koh Tao Island, Thailand. It is a tourist-friendly resort island that caters especially to scuba divers. Surrounded on all sides by colorful reefs, the island is also well known for opportunities for close-encounters with elusive whale sharks and grey reef sharks. The scuba diving is excellent, but despite desperate marine conservation efforts shark hunting is offered as a tourist diversion and many people travel to Koh Tao just to kill the local fauna.


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