Becoming a Star

So you want to be a star? You have the charisma, the looks and the talent, all combined? Maybe people respond to you, because you simply have that special something needed to make it in the entertainment biz. So how do you get there from where you are?

Even though you will not actually living the life of a celebrity, HP will help you feel like a star. How is it possible? By experiencing the instant fame of a star in your own paparazzi video. They came up with this new interactive video that allows you to embed photos from your computer or your Facebook account in order to see what it would be like to live the highs and lows of the celebrity lifestyle. With all that this implies: giant limousine, crowded parties, picture and name on the cover of the magazines, and everything else that make you feel very popular.

Below, of course, you will see my HP- Be A Star video. And therefore, for a few moments, I’ve lived the celebrity lifestyle in its entire glory. I’ve shined in my own light, followed my own path, and didn’t worried about the gossips, or paparazzi.


So, in order to have some harmless fun wasting just a few minutes all you have to do is to make your own video and then share it. You can start by leaving a comment to this post with your direct link of the video in order to let me know how your instant fame experience was. Visit also the HP Facebook fanpage in order to socialize and win VIP products. You will definitely ‘Like’ it!

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