Discover Tunisia

Tunisia is ranked by each tourist in accordance with their priorities: some will come for the sea, others for Sahara, and others to discover the secrets of ancient Carthage. But, anyway, more and more people choose to vacation in this country. The main resort area of Tunisia is located along the Mediterranean coast of Hammamet to the island of Djerba. These tourists are attracted by the beaches covered with soft sand, opposite from the capital Tunis side coast until Tabarka, which is practically on the border with Algeria, which is not so popular, due to the beaches driven by rocks.

The options for excursions are not so many, having the opportunity to choose from a set of tours which will be available no matter where you stay: the ruins of Carthage, the largest Roman Coliseum in North Africa at El Jem, Kairouan holy city of Islam, with the oldest mosque and mausoleum on the continent. Besides this, directly in the sand, there are some other entertainment options waiting for you: air balloon, camel racing, horse riding, jeep safari. You can even leave the high dune on a snowboard.

Hammamet is one of the most popular resorts among foreign tourists. Last but not least is the fact that here is the fourth largest thalasso therapy center in the world. Besides this, Hammamet or the garden city of the country of sand, as it is called, has another special value: here it can be found hotels for every taste and price.

If you take the road from El Kantavi to Sousa, at only only 5 km, you will find the town of Sousse. This is not only a major resort, but also the third largest city of Tunisia, older than Carthage. Here should not be missed the museum of mosaic art, the Christian catacombs, or the old fortress. As for shopping, even if in Tunisia you will find mostly small shops with souvenirs and beach items, in Sousse there are a lot of shops, including fashion boutiques.


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