The Color of Scent

Yesterday evening I found myself walking on empty streets and searching for a nice place to seat over a pot of coffee. And there it was! Just around the corner…

Since at that time no free tables were available, I tried my fortune asking a single and beautiful young lady captured by her laptop in a continuous effort to find online perfumes using a notorious search engine, if I can sit next to her. Without waiting for the answer, I added:
- Search for Light Blue from D&G. It matches your eyes. Casual and breezy, with a sparkling fruity-floral scent evokes the spirit of the Sicilian summer. Also, the notes of lime and cedar bring about an image of the woods on the seashore, making it the perfect blend for a hot summer day.
- Probably…
- Or, you can try Red Door from Elizabeth Arden.
- …
- Because it is classic and elegant, being also a mélange of rich, rare orchids and roses that creates a spicy, sweet and sensual aroma.

In the meantime, observing an empty place on the other side of the room I grabbed my stuff leaving her alone as she was. From my table, barely making out to her laptop I saw her typing: and after that searching for Light Blue… Blue as her eyes!


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