The island of Hydra

Hydra Island is a Greek island with an area of 52 sq. km., being 35 nautical miles far from the port of Piraeus in Athens. The island was first discovered in the fifties and sixties by a group of artists (such as Leonard Cohen or Axel Jensen), attracted by its authentic and magical beauty. The charm of Hydra is increased by the fact that the whole island is forbidden to any kind of motorized vehicle and only donkeys can serve as a mean of transportation.

The island of Hydra is not only famous for its beauties and attractions. It has played a historical role during the Greek Revolution. Indeed, during the 19th century, Hydra emerged as a formidable maritime power which put its ships in service of the Revolution. The famous revolutionary, Andreas Miaoulis, was one of the Greek heroes and is still honored on Hydra, where an annual festival is held for him.

The name of Hydra is owed to the rich waters, which sprang out from the quarries which existed in the antiquity. From very early, Hydra was used as a nautical station, and as a result, it starred in the sea commerce and communications. The town itself represents a big sample of a traditional inheritance. Simple houses or country seats differentiate from a quaint architecture which is not met in other Greek regions.

It will be worth it for anyone to visit the mansions of the island, look far away the port from the hill, admire the sunset from the "lodge" and the cave and visit the 6 monasteries and the 300 churches. Last but not least the Historical File-Museum, which operates daily and shows important museum jewels and archival items. On Hydra Island you can enjoy romantic walk in the narrows, graphical, paved alleys. Generally, Hydra is famous for the calm life is offers to the visitors in the day, but also for the intense, cosmopolitan life, in the night.


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