Cuban Heroes

Cuban Heroes is a 2008 release album from one of the last of Cuba's great Afro-Cuban piano players, Ruben Gonzalez. Although he had played and recorded with the band led by Enrique Jorrín, the creator of the cha-cha, he had retired from music by the mid-'80s. Things began to change when González recorded with the Afro-Cuban All Stars in 1996 the album A Toda Cuba Le Gusta which brought González to the attention of a global audience. His performance on the album Buena Vista Social Club made him an international phenomenon, releasing the debut solo album at the age of 78.

One of the veterans of the Buena Vista Social Club recordings, Ry Cooder described Ruben as "a Cuban cross between Thelonious Monk and Felix the Cat". A master of his craft, Ruben was one of the last great pianists of Cuba's golden age. His music is still enjoyed today and is captured on this compilation of his greatest work, which features some of Ruben's finest musical accomplishments including titles like El Vivo, Todo Es Para Tu, Poco Pelo, Estoy Suave and many more. If you didn’t had so far the chance to listen his music, you can have a little taste by grabbing one of the tracks mentioned above using Rapidshare Search Engine, although I recommend buying it since it’s a fine compilation disk to have in your collection. Let me know if you enjoyed it…


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