Make Money Using Twitter Advertising Platforms

The popularity of Twitter makes a lot of advertising platforms to come out with opportunities of making money on Twitter. Here are 3 recommended platforms that can be used in order to earn some money, if your blogs have sufficient followers.

SponsoredTweets. It is a Twitter advertising platform that connects advertisers with tweeters. How it works? Advertisers create sponsored conversations on Twitter, while twitters earn money for spreading the word. As a twitter, you can define almost everything about the way you intend to approach the conversation and the offers you’re interested in. You can set your charge per tweet, charge per click, content rating, define your ad unit preferences, add keywords, and set up notification settings. As an advertiser, you also have a lot of control and extra insight into members and campaigns, so you can see and select the tweeters for your offer, set a minimum follower count and ratio, define the maximum cost, and invite specific twitters.

Magpie. Magpie is another platform which gives the opportunity to earn money on Twitter. In order to participate in this program all that you need is a Twitter and a Paypal account. The basic idea is that you get paid to allow Magpie to post magpie tweets in your Twitter stream. They maintain an average post to natural tweets ratio of 1:10.You can adjust the ratio according to your convenience. Magpie has four types of ads: pay-per-sale (here you get a cut of the sale price when one of your followers buys something on one of customer's sites through one of your tweets), pay-per-lead (every time one of your followers enquires about a service or joins up for a subscription you get compensated), pay-per-click (every time one of the followers clicks on a link, the twitter is paid), and pay-per-view (you get paid a base amount for allowing a tweet to be placed in your stream).

Twittad. This platform provides the opportunity for Twitter users to display advertisements on their user profiles. Twittad provides the place where advertisers can purchase a user background image in order to promote a new product, website or brand marketing. The Twitter user puts the background up for sale by selecting a price and duration for the ad, and then advertisers pay the agreed price plus a 5% service charge.


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