Top Pay-Per-Post Sites

Aside from advertising and affiliate programs, another popular way of getting some money from your blog is to write sponsored reviews for any advertiser which is willing to pay you to write about him. But in order to be facilitated the connection between the bloggers and advertisers, it is needed the usage of an intermediary, the so called pay-per-post companies. To this end, I will present below some of the most popular blog sponsored review sites that pay bloggers to write.

SponsoredReview is a platform that allows direct negotiation between bloggers and advertisers. This direct negotiation means that you have to browse through an advertiser directory and seek for those you want to work with. On the other hand, advertisers can do the same by making individual offers directly to bloggers, which makes the system working both ways. Payouts range from $5 to $1000 per each review, and the final payments are made every two weeks via PayPal.

BlogVertise is an interesting pay-per-post system, because there is no marketplace to browse. The connection between the advertisers and bloggers is made by the staff. All you have to do is register your blog, and when BlogsVertise has a suitable offer for your blog, it will be emailed to you. The average payout is around $5 - $15 per post, the final payment being made exclusively through PayPal 30 days after the sponsored post is approved.

On Smorty blogs must be at least 30 days old and to have at least 10 articles published in order to be approved. The quoted rates for a sponsored post range from $6 to $100. The PageRank of your blog and advertiser ratings of your previous sponsored posts determine the frequency and value of the offers. Payments are made weekly, exclusively through PayPal.

PayU2Blog is a smaller player in the sponsored review market. As a publisher, you will be given paid posting assignments on a weekly basis based on the blog profile you create.

Although Bloggerwave is also a small paid blogging network and lists few open job opportunities, their site is very friendly and easy to navigate. Bloggers here get paid a minimum of $10 for each completed and approved post.

With LoudLaunch the amount paid per post is based on the blog ranking, this network allowing bloggers to be compensated for distributing press releases. All you have to do is search through advertisers’ press release campaigns, select the ones aligned with your blog and post them on your blog based on the advertisers campaign. The compensation is based on the exposure your blog can deliver.

Once your blog is approved on the Blogitive system, you are given access to opportunities from companies to post about their news releases. The payments are made per posting, exclusively through PayPal, the standard amount being $5.

BloggingAds is a different system, they supply everything: the advertisers, the text of the post and the money, all you have to do is to publish the ad on your blog.


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