The Road Out of Hell

The Road Out of Hell written by Anthony Flacco and published in November 3, 2009, presents the disturbing true story of a 13-year-old boy, Sanford Clark, sent to live with his uncle on an isolated farm in California in 1926 where was held captive till the age of 15. Clark becomes quickly subject to all kind of abuse by his uncle, Gordon Stewart Northcott, a psychopath and sadist who lures young boys to the farm to sexually assault, torture and kill them. Forced by Northcott to take part in the murders, Sanford carried tremendous guilt all his life. Yet despite his youth and the trauma, he helped gain some justice for the dead and their families by testifying at Northcott’s trial, which led to his conviction and execution.

Amazingly, the book not shows just a picture of an almost unimaginable evil, but also gives us the picture of Sanford Clark, who was one man able to transcend the evil into which he was forced by his uncle and to become uncommonly good: as a decorated WWII vet, a devoted husband of 55 years, a loving father and a productive citizen.

But in the end, The Road Out of Hell is a chilling look at a dark chapter in America's history.


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