Zwack Liqueur

Zwack is an 80 proof herbal liqueur made in Hungary with a secret blend of more than 40 different herbs and spices. It is known as the National Shot of Hungary being produced by Unicum Zwack in Budapest, Hungary. Nowadays, the powerful taste of this herbal liqueur is available into various countries across Europe and also in the United States. The secret recipe for Zwack was first developed by Jozef Zwack in 1790 for Emperor Joseph II of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and contains a blend of over 40 exotic herbs and spices. Some of the herbs and spices are distilled, some are macerated, then blended together and aged in oak casks for over 6 months, giving the liqueur a dark, amber color.

The price for a 1 litre bottle is around $ 27 in USA and around £ 21 in UK.


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