Feeling the Rhythm of Cuba

Cuban music, having its main roots in Spain and West Africa, has been influenced over time by diverse genres from different countries like France, the United States or Puerto Rico. Reciprocally, Cuban music has been an important influence in other countries, contributing not only to the development of jazz and salsa, but also to Argentinean Tango or to Spanish Nuevo Flamenco.

Below, I will try to recommend you some interesting albums which will bear you from the late 70s to the present. For songs that evoke the soul of Cuba wracked by the time, you will have to listen to Buena Vista Social Club album, a recording of veteran Cuban musicians. A contemporary rhythm you will hear on Malembe album of the band Cubanismo, which introduces the modern style in the traditional music. Not least, on A Lo Cubano album released by the group Orishas you will have the opportunity to listen the influence of hip hop music upon the salsa rhythms.


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