Link-Only Opportunities from inPostLinks

A new service for monetizing blogs is available for more than 2 weeks already: link-only opportunities from inPostLinks. This service is a replacement for the original version of The only difference is that the opportunities are link only, which means you don’t have to write reviews or to endorse anything. The only thing to be done is placing the link on a post. The way of integrating it into relevant content (but not with a review or endorsement) represents the fully responsibility of the blogger.

And what are supposed to be the advantages of this new system? Improved functionality, improved disclosure and more opportunities. Instead, the first reactions received so far from the users, refer only to the small amounts offered for the opportunities, in some cases being 50 cents for a pr2 or pr3 blog.

My question is if anybody who tried already this service, managed to get some real interesting opps? And if so, how much you earned until now?


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