Renault is Preparing its Return to North America

Renault is thinking to come back in the US market, left by the company since 1987. Even though few Americans have missed the French automaker's presence, many thought the doors would once again open once Nissan was in the fold. That hasn't happened yet, but Gerard Detourbet, the head of Renault's entry-level vehicle division, spoke in an article published by The Wall Street Journal about the fact that the company is, at least, thinking to make a move to North America, with the low-cost Duster SUV.

The Duster, which for now is being build by Dacia in Romania, will eventually be sold as a Renault if it gets to US. Since Duster is a success in emerging markets like South America and Eastern Europe, there could be a chance Renault would give the vehicle a chance in the US. But Detourbet added that Renault doesn’t intent to enter the market with just one vehicle, the most probable approach being to come with a family of affordable vehicles. But it is very probable that nothing will happen within the next three to five years.


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