The Key for Successful Sponsored Posts

About the fact that sponsored posts represent or not a danger for the blogs, it was written a lot. What I intend with this article, is to discover some tips to be used when posting sponsored articles without driving away the audience. Because yes, if it is done properly, it doesn’t harm the respective blog.

Credibility is everything. If your readers trust you, then the advertisers have reasons to pay for you to write a post about their products / services. And as you know, they pay more, the more loyal following of readers who come to your blog for advice, you have.

Authenticity of the review. Since the sponsored posts refer to the reviewing of products or services, the idea is to actually use them before doing the review. If you write the articles based on other reviews, it will come out. And this is good neither for your readers nor for the advertisers paying for the post. Why? Because, on a hand, the advertiser will not give you another sponsorship opportunity, and on the other, your readers want to find a real review about a product or a service.

Sponsorship transparency. If you receive compensation in order to write a post, then state it clearly. And here you have some possibilities: it can be mentioned at the top of the article, at the bottom or in the title. Even you can have a special category on your blog named "sponsored posts" or something like that. The idea is to use full disclosure in order not to lose your readers.

Sponsored posts must be kept to a maximum 10% of your content. The golden rule is to keep sponsored posts at a maximum 10% of your blog content. If you write 10 posts per month, then one sponsored post won't drive away your readers. It is not necessary a 100% rule that will ensure you the success. In some cases this 10% rule can be too conservative, but in others can be already too much.

Give your customer what is he paying for. You have to take care also of your advertisers. They are paying money, so they deserve to get full value from your blog. In conclusion, make sure you give your customer what is he paying for. Because if you write the articles just to be written, then the coming opportunities will decrease (in number and/or in amount).


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