Write a Successful Press Release

The press release is one of the most cost-effective and efficient means for getting your news out to a large audience. A well-written release can dramatically increase the sales of a company and expose it to the masses. A professionally written press release can make the difference between a successful press release and a failure. The respective release must have a general interest to the target audience and a strong news angle. In addition, it needs to be written in journalistic rather than marketing style.

So, if you are going to insert a press release in your marketing strategy, take a look at the following tips which will improve, for sure, your work.

Don’t forget the five Ws. And I’m talking about who, what, when, where and why. Remember to state them within the first paragraph.

Create a compelling headline. The headline makes your release stand out. Summarize the primary facts in order to catch the attention of your readers and always mention your company’s name.

Know your audience. Decide who will receive the press release before you begin writing it. After that, distribute it only to media, trade publications and companies relevant to your topic.

Don't just say it. Avoid saying that your product is "unique" or "the best". Instead of just saying it, try to show to the people the benefits (for example, time or money saving).

Use a distribution service. For example, Free Press Release has been one of the major free press release distributors since 2003. A lot of media editors, broadcasters, press journalists and freelancers come to this site for fresh news stories day by day. Any business can benefit from the potential media coverage generated from a well-structured press release. The most important advantage of using this service is that your press release will be sent directly to thousands of important members of the media community without the high costs of hiring a PR agency.


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