Raising a Father

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Raising a Father is not just a book written by Arjun Sen, it is a father’s memorable experience, a father who realized, at the edge of 37, that he did not know his daughter at all. It is an experience that many people gone through, but they are too busy to see it and to learn the lesson. The book brings out this simple message of re-adjusting the priorities, before being too late.

Each story of the book marks the journey of a father which leaves behind the corporate world in order to become a real dad. First of all, here is emphasized the importance of taking responsibility in relationships and introduced the concept of taking measure of your relationships. Seeing the relationship with his daughter reduced only to phone calls on birthdays, the author left corporate America. The journey of becoming a true father began with the establishment of a home-based consulting company in Denver, which is the favorite city of his 10-year-old daughter. Today, Arjun Sen measures the success differently: his daughter leaves for college in a few years, and he believes that his success is determined by the time spent with her. Raising a Father is the story of a young daughter using all her charm, patience, love, and caring nature to teach her father how to be a better dad and person.

After reading the entire book, you will want for sure to share it with all your friends. Watch also the trailer of the book, if what lays written above doesn’t convinced you to pick it up and read it…

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