Make Money Writing Paid Reviews

One of the most popular and profitable ways to generate an additional income from a blog is to do some paid posting through paid blogging networks. A lot of bloggers like to make money online, to be paid for posting their opinions and reviews. If you look to build a good reputation, you have to be professional and consistent. Making money through paid blogging can generate up to $500 income or more per month, in some cases.

As I just spoke in my previous entry about the paid reviews and how they can be successful, now I will just present a service that connects, of course, the advertisers (ready to pay for promoting their products or services) with the bloggers (anxious to get paid in order to write articles). This pay per post service is brought by PaidPublish, a small player in the sponsored review market which brings together, as I said before, bloggers and advertisers. The marketplace is built to allow advertisers to target exact the type of bloggers needed to promote their products, services, press releases or announcements. A great feature for bloggers is that they are allowed to register more than one site in the system. Payments are made exclusively through PayPal.

All you have to do now is to register, reserve some opportunities, write on your blog and make money…


Khurrum said...

Yes you are right. They came up recently with nice features. They do not hold your payment until you reach any minimum amount. Whatever you earned, you are paid on time.

I am also one of the recent members of paidpublish and I like it.

All the best PaidPublish

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